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Reports, Minutes, & Presentations

UCAR Quarterly: Spring 2007

UCAR BOT Meeting: 15 May 2007

  • Pandya- Diversity Update (pdf)

UCAR UMC Meeting: 10 May 2007

  • Pandya- Summary of the 2007 Sahel Conference (pdf)

Presentations to Jim Simon: 9 March 2007

  • Anthes- An Introduction to AAAS-UCAR-NCAR Africa Initiative (pdf)
  • COMET & the Africa Initiative (pdf)
  • Lamptey & Warner- Weather Research and Forecast (WRF) Modeling in Africa: the Ghana example (pdf)
  • Laing & Moncrieff- Weather Research in Africa: Science for Society (pdf)
  • Upgrading Infrastructure and Radars and stream data through UNIDATA back to NCAR (pdf)

UCAR BOT Meeting: 21 February 2007

  • Pandya- An Integrated Approach to Excellence: An overview for UCAR BOT (pdf)

AAAS Committee on Public Understanding of Science and Technology, San Francisco: 16 February 2007

  • Pandya- An Overview of AAAS-UCAR Africa Initiative (pdf)

THORPEX African Planning Meeting, Burkina Faso: 10-12 February 2007
Two UCAR representatives traveled to Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso to explore opportunities for partnerships and to provide an update on the AAAS/UCAR Africa Initiative to THORPEX.

  • Lamptey- WRF Ghana (pdf)
  • Pandya- An Overview of AAAS/UCAR Africa Initiative (pdf)

UMC Meeting: 19 December 2006

  • Semazzi- Applications Focused Research on the African Weather & Climate Systems (ppt)
  • Pandya- Africa Initiative Update (ppt)
  • Warner- Western Africa NWP: The model and initial results (ppt)

Planning Meeting: 9 November 2006
A subset of those involved in the Africa Initiative met to prepare a proposal for the UCAR President's Council. The proposal outlined a set of pilot activities to launch the Africa Initiative, and was presented to the President's Council on 17 November. Reaction was favorable, and the President's Council offered $200K toward the pilot activities.

WMO THORPEX Meeting: 25 October 2006

  • Meeting Minutes (pdf)
  • Boger- GLOBE in Africa (ppt)
  • Bruintjes- (ppt)
  • Laing-Moncrieff- Patterns of convection in Africa: Implications for prediction of precipitation (ppt)
  • Lamptey- Capacity Building in Africa (ppt)
  • Pandya- (ppt)
  • Ramamurthy- UNIDATA (ppt)
  • Shapiro- (ppt)

Africa Initiative Updates

  • Update: September 28, 2006 (pdf)
  • Summary of progress to-date: September 6, 2006 (pdf)

Presentation to UCAR management
On July 20th, Participants presented an update and overview of the discussion to the managers of all UCAR/NCAR/UOP programs. Click here to download the ppt presentation.

Meeting II: 6 & 7 July 2006
Draft Meeting Minutes (word)

Meeting I: 9 May 2006
Click here to download a PDF copy of the Meeting Minutes from UCAR's initial discussion regarding the Africa Initiative.


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